First Aired: November 29, 2001

Plot: Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe are playing poker; Joe suggests they take Peter to Atlantic City, but Peter and his family are going to visit his in-laws, despite the fact that his father-in-law hates him. Peter starts cultivating himself, without success. Meanwhile, Brian’s sex drive is activated after he sniffs the genital parts of a female dog at the park. Lois and Peter are oblivious to it until they catch him masturbating in the bathroom. Lois believes it is normal, and suggests that Brian go with them to get time off, which he does.

The family goes to visit Lois’ parents, and Peter finally wins the respect and friendship of Carter Pewterschmidt, Lois’s wealthy and elitist father.

The cordiality is destroyed when Brian humps Sea Breeze, Pewterschmidt’s prize-winning racing greyhound, at the racetrack. Sea Breeze ends up pregnant, and Brian is immediately blamed. Brian wants to raise the puppies himself, but Carter disapproves, so Brian elopes with Sea Breeze.

With help from Michael Eisner and Bill Gates, Sea Breeze is tracked down to a motel and the custody case goes to court. Carter brings up sordid details of Brian’s past and personality to destroy his chances at trial.

It is decided by the judge that in order to have custody of his puppies, he must get neutered. Brian faces a tough decision: would he rather have custody of his puppies or keep his testicles? Just as Brian goes under the knife, he, Lois, and Peter discover that the puppies are born, but they don’t resemble Brian; they resemble Ted Turner. Carter accuses Sea Breeze of being a whore and Brian goes home with his testicles intact.