FGuy QuagmiresBaby 0024F

First Aired: November 15, 2009

Plot: Quagmire decides to have a garage-sale, at which he sells an old radio to Peter. Seven weeks later, Peter still can't get the radio to work, Chris tells him the static makes it possible to talk to the dead. Peter thinks he contacted Ronald Reagan, yet he discovers it is actually Rich Little he is talking to. When he goes to Quagmire in order to get his money back and Quagmire denies to do so, the two see a basket with a baby in it, as well as a note "Here's your baby, next time use a condom, jerk." Quagmire desperately tries to take care of the baby he calls Anna-Lee, yet as she ruins his sexual relationships due to her crying, he decides to give her away for adoption. Later on he sees that as a terrible mistake, yet when he goes to her adoption family's house, he sees her happy, "as if she belongs here". He decides to let her go.

Meanwhile, Stewie's heterosexuality is once again tested, as he creates a retarded clone named "Bitch-Stewie" in order to take care of his tasks, and to do several other things, like washing his back. Brian, seeing how smoothly the whole thing seems to work out, wants a clone too: the "Bitch-Brian", being even more retarded than Bitch-Stewie, quickly loses his jaw: Stewie then claims the clones are not as stable as he thought. The two clones then all of a sudden resolve to a liquid substantial.