First Aired: September 11, 2005

Plot: Lois asks Peter to go the PTA meeting, then Peter asks Brian to go. Brian reluctantly goes, and falls in love with one of Meg’s teachers, Shauna Parks. They go out on a date, and Brian suggests changing the name of James Woods Regional High School. Shauna, who is black, likes Brian’s idea of honoring Martin Luther King Jr., and the board holds a meeting to consider the name change.

Peter gets James Woods to come to the meeting, who says it’s OK to change the name of the school. Impressed by Woods’ humility, the board decides not to change the school’s name. Brian is furious with Peter’s involvement with his and Shauna’s idea, although Peter thought that Dr. King was “that guy from Space: 1999,” Martin Landau.

Peter and James Woods become very good friends, while Brian is late for his date with Shauna. She is upset that he still talks to Peter and makes Brian choose between her and Peter, and they eventually call off their relationship, as Brian feels that his friendship is more important. He and Peter patch their differences at the Drunken Clam. Returning home, they find James Woods is still there. They get rid of him by trapping him in a box, with Reese’s Pieces as bait (à la E.T.). Woods is then sent to be studied by “top men,” when he is really being stored away in a Government Warehouse with similar other crates (á la Raiders of the Lost Ark).