FGuyPerfectCastawayDolls 500

First Aired: September 18, 2005

Plot: Peter Griffin goes in search of fish at Pelican’s Reef at the suggestion of salty Seamus, with Glen Quagmire, Joe Swanson, and Cleveland Brown tagging along for the free beer. They find the fish, only to find themselves adrift at sea after a hurricane. They would have been killed if not for the raft they were able to build out of Quagmire’s sex dolls. Unfortunately, they had no food, so Peter ate Joe's unused legs.

After being presumed lost at sea, a memorial service is held for the sailors. Brian marries Lois to support the family, working as a salesman at a Hummer dealership. However, he and Lois sleep in separate beds, much to Brian’s frustration.

Several months later, the four men are rescued from the island by a passing cruise ship. They were spotted just as they are attempting to pass the time with group homosexual intercourse (which all admitted was doing absolutely nothing for them.)

Joe gets a new set of legs from a death row inmate who got the electric chair. Unfortunately for Joe, he was also a paraplegic, a reference to the shows uncanny ability to return to the status quo, regardless of events.

Peter finally returns home and meets his family. When Peter is about to kiss Lois, she admits that she has married Brian. After Lois tells him why she is with Brian, Peter leaves and gets a room in a hotel in Downtown Quahog. Brian wants to talk to her about the situation she is in (in order to get into her pants). In an attempt to win Lois back, Peter goes to the house, where Lois finds him naked and lying on the couch. His plan succeeds and they have sex on the tipped over chair, where Stewie finds them and videotapes them having sex. The next night, Lois runs out of the house with a saddle. Stewie shows the tape to Brian and Brian goes to the hotel that Peter is staying at and sees a silhouette of Peter and Lois having sex. When Brian gets to Peter’s room, Lois tells Peter that she made a commitment to Brian and must stay with him. When Lois gets home, Brian dumps Lois and tells her to go back to Peter. The next day, she admits that she was a day away from having sex with him. Brian, angry at this revelation, tells the family he’ll be in the basement. Upon being asked what he’s going to do, his response is “WHAT DO YOU THINK?!”