First Aired: March 25, 2007

Plot: Peter is annoyed by Mort constantly borrowing his things, so he makes a “ScareJew” out of his best suit, which is actually a scarecrow modeled after Adolf Hitler. Furious, Lois takes him to a secondhand clothing store to get a new suit, where Peter finds some flannel pajamas. While wearing them, he begins to notice that he can shock people with static electricity by rubbing his feet on the carpet. Annoyed by this, Lois has the carpet completely removed. When this is done Quagmire finds an old coin under the carpet, which is sold for fifty thousand dollars. With the money, Peter and Lois decide to live their dream of owning their own restaurant, naming it Big Pete’s House of Munch. The restaurant at first is a complete failure; however, Joe promises to bring his friends. Peter is at first excited because he believes it will become a hang out for police officers, only to find that Joe is actually bringing in fellow paraplegics. The restaurant becomes a huge success among handicapped people; however, Peter is convinced handicapped people are “uncool” and he bans them from entering. The handicapped people come back, and when not allowed into the restaurant, they unite into “Crippletron” (a giant robot reminiscent of the Devastator from Transformers and, to a lesser degree, Megazord from Power Rangers) that destroys the restaurant. After getting trapped under the rubble, Peter is wheelchair bound for two weeks. When he discovers how hard it is to be handicapped after 45 minutes, Peter apologizes to Joe.