First Aired: September 17, 2006

Plot: Peter’s mother, Thelma, divorces his father, Francis, causing Peter to feel devastated. When he finds out his mom’s new boyfriend is Tom Tucker the news anchor, Peter is at first reluctant to interact and acts like a stereotypical kid with divorced parents. Soon however Peter finds a father in Tom that he never had in Francis. Peter falls for Tom but suddenly Thelma breaks up with Tom saying she just wanted a change to get back on her feet. Peter is initially upset but continues to hang out with Tom like a son. However, when he sees that Tom is neglecting his real son, Jake, Peter tells Tom he should be spending his time with Jake. Tom agrees and leaves Peter to play catch with Jake.

Meanwhile, when the family goes to an air show, Stewie gets lost and as Brian goes to a radio booth to call him in, the radio-station manager thinks his voice would be good for the radio. This gets him his own NPR-style radio show which he intends to be purely intellectual. But Stewie cannot help but stir things up by calling in and making rude comments. This gets him a spot with Brian on the show. Stewie turns it into a comedy show. Later Brian realizes he has gone astray and gives up the show.