First Aired: June 6, 2000

Plot: Lois and Peter become concerned when a toad-licking problem arises in school. After finding a toad in Chris’ pocket they suspect him, but then they discover that Meg was holding the toad for one of the popular kids in the hope that doing so would secure her a date to the Winter Snow Ball (the principal tells her to leave afterword, and is angry with the popular kids for being seen with her). Peter talks about his nervousness when he first asked his high school crush, Phoebe Diamond, to the prom. Later, Lois and Peter decide they need to do something to protect their kids from this drug problem. So, Peter talks with Meg’s principal about it and arrives at school the next day as “Lando Griffin”, an undercover student, no relation to Meg Griffin.

Meg thinks that he will make her even more unpopular and that he will be extremely unpopular, but before long, Peter (as Lando) becomes popular when he smashes his hand on a juke-box in the cafeteria, and seeing this opportunity, actually succeeds in convincing the kids at James Woods High that it’s not cool to lick toad. Meg, seeing an opportunity, tells the cool kids that Lando has asked her to the Winter Snow Ball, which immediately increases her popularity. Meanwhile, Peter seems to be enjoying his “high school” experience and persona, now not worrying that kids are carrying guns to school, and farting real loud in math class to get "the guys" laughing, and it smells so strong that a girl vomits (which repulses Stewie at dinner). He begins to enjoy his popularity a little too much. After agreeing to go to the ball with Meg, he stands her up when Connie DiMico asks him.

Lois can’t believe Peter’s preposterous behavior until Brian explains that Peter has transferred his feelings for his old crush, Phoebe, onto Connie. Against Lois’ wishes, Peter sneaks out to go to the dance. Lois encourages Meg to go to the dance by herself. When Peter (as Lando) and Connie are crowned king and queen of the Winter Snow Ball, Peter uses the opportunity to tell the crowd that Meg was really his first choice as a date for the dance. This gets Meg lots of the attention she was seeking. “Lando” then drives recklessly off into the night, never to be heard from again. The next day, the news reports that “Lando” died when he went off Deadman’s Curve. Although no body was found, the police decided it was best to get on with life. Meg is sort of cool at school and the yearbook is dedicated to Lando.