First Aired: January 24, 2002

Plot: In an effort to get Brian out of the house, Stewie encourages the dog to audition for local theater.

The judges are bored with Brian but are delighted with Stewie, who is immediately enrolled in a children’s performing arts school. When he overhears that both he and a bitter rival, Olivia, are in danger of being cut from the program, the pair hastily work together and end up becoming a massively popular duet.

They share fame and success until their fighting breaks up the act; Olivia goes on to greater fame while Stewie, obsessed with his fleeting fame, loses touch with reality.

When Peter saves a drowning man, the Griffins are invited over to share dinner with his family. Lois and Peter are shocked to discover that the family are nudists, but their teenaged son (who is also a nudist) takes an interest in Meg. After devastating Meg with their refusal to accept the alternative lifestyle, Peter and Lois shed their clothes to make him feel more welcome.