First Aired: April 25, 2000

Plot: Peter plays a magical clam in a historical re-enactment of Quahog’s founding, because that was how Quahog was founded. But, when Peter gets caught on a wave, his costume is washed away, leaving him to show up ashore naked. Meg is of course embarrassed by this, but when he embarrasses her at her slumber party, she decides to take action. She gets the family invited on The Diane Simmons Show talk show to discuss their dysfunction. Of course, they show their embarrassing selves there, but instead of ending the embarrassment, this gets the family their own reality show, The Real Live Griffins. Meg leaves the family, and the show.

Her replacement is a teenage sex symbol who steals the show. Eventually, the whole family is replaced, and forced to live in a motel room until the reality show contract runs out.