FGuy ExtraLargeMedium 0142F

First Aired: February 14, 2010

Plot: When the Griffin family decide to go for a hike in the local forest, Chris and Stewie get lost after chasing after a butterfly. As a result, they become lost and go missing for several days. when Lois panics, she chooses to see a psychic medium who assures of her children's safety and well being. Eventually being rescued by Bruce, the boys return to their home in Quahog, but Lois psychic obsession continues, annoying Brian as he tries to explain his belief that there is no such thing as "psychic powers".

Deciding to invite Lois to the park, Brian shows her Peter demonstrating a cold reading on a passerby, in order to disprove her belief as nothing more than delusion. Peter, however, believes he actually has extrasensory perception, and begins capitalizing on it by opening his own psychic readings business, including a performance in front of a live audience. Peter's bluff is finally called when Joe Swanson requests his help in a frantic search for a missing person, who has a bomb tied to him. Peter stalls for time during the search, eventually resulting in a gruesome death when the bomb finally explodes, and causing Peter to sheepishly admit that he actually has no psychic powers whatsoever.

Meanwhile, during the time when Chris and Stewie were lost in the woods, Chris promises to ask out Ellen, a school classmate with down syndrome. Stewie helps prepare Chris for a date by dressing him up, and instructing him on how to act. During the date, Ellen winds up being pushy and demanding, and the relationship quickly fails. Stewie, however, congratulates him for demonstrating the confidence in asking her out on a date as he promised to do.