FGuy DialMegForMurder 0060F

First Aired: January 31, 2010

Featuring: Meg Griffin, Brian Griffin

Plot: Peter gets more than he bargained for when he joins the rodeo. Believing himself ready after practicing on Meg and Chris, he finds himself over matched when he runs into a bear of a bull. Brian makes the acquaintance of the editor for Teen People and picks up a gig writing about the average American teenage girl. Following Meg as his subject, he finds she's sneaking of to the Quahog Adult Correctional Institute to converse with an inmate she made friends with as a pen pal. Brian rats her out to the family and she is forbidden to talk with him again. Later, he escapes and comes to Meg but Brian finds out and alerts the family. He is captured and Meg goes to prison as an accessory for the escape. When she returns, the family finds she is harder and meaner. Fed up with the years of mistreatment, Meg decides to hold up Goldman's pharmacy to get the money she needs to leave. Brian intervenes and finds Meg believes no one cares about her. Brian shows her the story he wrote about her, proving that he cares for her just as she was. She is touched by his kindness and returns to normal relations with her family.