First Aired: June 13, 2000

Plot: Concerned that Stewie isn't playing well with other children, Lois puts him in "Hugs and Kisses (the good kind) Day Care" to be around other children his age. With Stewie out of the house, Lois is bored so Brian suggests she get a job.

Peter seizes the opportunity to steer her to get a job as a flight attendant so he can get free travel. With Glenn Quagmire’s connection, Lois gets the job. The work is hard and she has to take abuse from the passengers—meanwhile, Peter takes a day trip to Australia.

Overhearing Peter boast about his free travel, she drags him into a lavatory to discuss him using her. While they're occupied, the plane is hijacked to Cuba. Unable to get documents to return to the US, they ride a refugee raft to Florida.

Meanwhile, at the day care center Stewie falls in love with a toddler named Janet despite his best efforts. Giving in, he decides to woo her but is heartbroken when he discovers she only wanted his cookies.