FGuy HouseofPain 0001F

First Aired: March 28, 2010

Plot: When Stewie enjoys a little fantasy, annoying Peter, Peter tricks him into going into the basement. Rummaging through old boxes, he finds an old story that Brian wrote and shows it to the family to embarrass Brian. After thinking about it, Brian begs Lois to read it which she reluctantly does and finds she likes it. Lois suggests she can get her father to send it to CBS, if Brian turns it into a screenplay, where it is accepted. Brian really wants Elijah Wood to star in his show but after James Woods tries out and turns it into a comedy, he wins over the executives who quickly change the entire show. Brian is appalled at the changes, but when it appears the show will be picked up for a full 22 episode season, he goes along. When the show airs it proves to be dud Brian suggests going back to his original idea but is voted down by James Woods who suggests another sitcom idea. Brain finally has enough and refuses to work on the show any more.

Meanwhile, Chris is caught reading Meg's diary and they accidentally knock Stewie down the stairs while they're fighting. Horrified at his injury, they try to wait it out to see if he'll recover on his own without luck. They struggle to hide his injury by pretending he is okay. When Peter finds out, he too becomes involved in the plan to hide Stewie's injury. When Stewie fails to recover, Peter comes up with a plan for Lois to run him over with the car, taking the blame. When she does, she quickly plots to hide the injuries too but Peter talks her into taking him to the hospital. Stewie eventually wakes up months later in November.