FGuy BrianBackToCollege v2 72

First Aired: November 13, 2005

Plot: Peter, Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire get dressed up as the protagonists from The A-Team to go to a 1980s TV show convention. The event is covered by Brian for a local newspaper. The editor of The New Yorker happens to read the paper, is impressed by Brian’s writing—and offers him a job. But when Brian admits he did not finish college, he is immediately fired.

Brian resolves to take the one class he needs to get his college degree. Stewie tags along with Brian, leaving Gary Coleman as his replacement at home. Brian stresses about his class while Stewie parties. Stewie edits one of Brian’s papers, and Brian sees it as cheating. He doesn’t like how Stewie did that, but quickly, Brian has second thoughts.

Meanwhile, spurred by winning the costume contest, Peter and friends decide to become a real A-Team. However, rather than solving the town’s problems they end up causing havoc. The episode concludes with them achieving redemption by helping Brian get to his final exam on time. He fails it, but he is glad for managing to finally finish college, without cheating. His family tells him that he should have (cheated).