First Aired: July 18, 2001

Plot: The episode continues where “The Thin White Line” left off, introduced with a “Previously on Family Guy...” sequence, which is often used on TV episodes that pick up where the last left off, showing action-packed events which never actually occurred, parodying Hollywood thrillers.

To pursue his screenwriting ambition, Brian moves to Los Angeles, California, where he stays with his gay cousin Jasper. After menial jobs, such as waiter and car washer, he lands a director job for pornographic movies.

Stewie auditions for Kids Say the Darndest Things in order to unleash a mind control device, and the family goes to Los Angeles, forcing Brian to keep up appearances. On Kids Say the Darndest Things, host Bill Cosby grabs Stewie’s device and unwittingly foils his plot.

Jasper tells the Griffins the truth about Brian’s job, and Peter and Lois arrive at the Woodies (the porn version of the Oscars) just in time for Brian to accept his award.At the end Peter kidnaps Jenna Jameson, ties her up, gags her,and takes her home with him.