First Aired: April 29, 2007

Plot: Lois gets a job as the new organist for the church, which makes her decide to convince her family to start attending sermons on Sundays (Peter is Catholic by birth and Lois is of an unspecified Protestant denomination. It is not specified which church they go to.) After Stewie drinks too much Communion wine and throws it up, the town of Quahog believes him to be possessed by Satan. When the priest wants to exorcise him, the Griffin family escapes to Lois’s sister Carol’s house in Texas.

Peter fits in with the cowboys, but Brian can’t stand Texas life (though he does enjoy shooting). While Stewie, disguised as a girl under the name Stephanie Griffin, enters a “Little Miss Texas” pageant, Meg and Chris sneak into George W. Bush’s house to steal his underwear as part of an initiation into an after-school club. Eventually, Quahog gives up its search for Stewie because of the finding of a new Satan (Super Devil), but Lois, hoping to instill moral values in her family, neglects to mention it.

Things turn sour when Peter reveals that he is retarded. The men with him tie him to an electric chair and are about to put him to death when he is rescued by his trusty horse, who is Gilbert Gottfried.

Stewie manages to win the pageant, but when his wig falls off during the crowning ceremony the audience labels him as a “queer-o-sexual” and try to rush the stage. The family is able to escape on the back of Gilbert Gottfried (the horse).