First Aired: March 11, 2007

Plot: After a run in with an octopus at an aquarium, Peter realizes he is out of shape and goes to a gym to work out. His feelings of being fit are dashed, however, when he injures himself trying to help former President Bill Clinton change a tire. While lying in the hospital, Peter begins to feel depressed about getting old, until Bill Clinton himself decides to cheer him up by showing him a good time and that age is merely a state of mind. When Bill and Peter’s partying starts to get out of hand, Lois decides to try and convince Bill to not be friends with Peter anymore. When she arrives at his hotel, however, she ends up sleeping with him instead. Peter, expecting to hang out again with Bill, walks in on them, leading to a guilt-ridden Lois deciding the only way to make things right is to let Peter sleep with someone of his picking. To Lois’s shock, Peter chooses Babs, Lois’s mother. Though Babs turns out to be quite willing, Peter can’t go through with it and forgives Lois. He then goes to talk with Bill himself to break off their friendship, but, just like Lois, he instead ends up in bed with him.

Meanwhile, Lois forces Brian to potty train himself (in a toilet instead of the yard), but even with Stewie’s help, he is less than successful and ends up finding Mayor West’s yard to be a suitable place to relieve himself rather than the Griffins’. Mayor West believes that it is a result of his “sausage seeds”.