FGuy BigManOnHippocampus 709 0001F

First Aired: January 3, 2010

Plot: The Griffins find out that the game show, Family Feud is holding auditions in Quahog and get on the show. When Peter becomes angry after they lose, host Richard Dawson shoves him, knocking him out and causing him to lose his memory. Lois tries to jog his memory without result. When she catches him peeking in on her while changing, she assures him its alright since they are married and shows him the wonders of sex. Peter decides he likes it so much he wants to have sex with other people instead of Lois, causing her to take the kids and move into a low-budget apartment. Glenn Quagmire finds out she is now single and decides to make his move by inviting her to dinner. Brian finds out and rushes to Peter who regained his memory after an encounter with Ernie the Giant Chicken. While they are embracing, Lois says something touching to Glenn causing him to lose his concentration (and his erection), giving Peter enough time to reunite with Lois.

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