First Aired: October 7, 2007

Plot: When Lois, Bonnie and Bernice (Cleveland's girlfriend) start hanging out at the Drunken Clam, Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland build a men's club in Peter's back yard. Eventually the women come there as well, but everyone (with the exception of Peter) turns out to be okay with them hanging out there. Bonnie doesn't really feel like dancing with the others because of Joe being disabled and unable to dance with her. Upset about this, Joe sees a doctor, who tells him that a leg transplant could allow him to walk again (the legs he picks are what the doctor says "are the only ones in stock that aren't hilarious"). The transplant is successful, and Joe is back on his feet. He decides to do everything he wanted to do when he couldn't walk, like being in a musical number, and practicing karate with the others (beating them up in the process and farting in Peter's face) Soon, he realizes he only hung out with Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire because they were lazy and he was crippled. Now that he has new legs he decides to hang out with friends who enjoy exercise. Since Joe seems to be moving on with his life, Lois suggests to Peter that he and the others should try finding a new friend, though that doesn't turn out too well. Peter is soon outraged when he discovers Joe is leaving Bonnie, and everyone decides that they need to re-cripple Joe so he'll stop acting like a jerk. Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire attempt to do this by ganging up on Joe, but he is able to fight them off. Bonnie then tries to shoot Joe in the spine with his gun to get him back to his old self, but misses many times, prompting Joe to just shoot himself there, and he is once again paralyzed. Joe apologizes to the guys and they begin to hang out again, despite them all having serious injuries.